Porn AI Generator March 23 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of our Porn AI Generator update for March 23rd! This update brings several improvements and bug fixes to make your experience even better. Here are the release notes:

Improvement on inpainting: Previously, when using AI Generator to fix undesired parts of an image (inpainting) and the denoising strength was low, the AI would fill in the inpainting parts with random noise. With this update, when the denoising strength is low (less than 7), AI Generator will create a slight variation based on the original part.

Inpaint Image Denoising Strength
Original Image Old Strength 0.5
Top Left Top Right
New Strength 0.3(3) New Strength 1(10)
Bottom Left Bottom Right

Prompt:masterpiece, best quality, highres, (photorealistic:1.4), earrings, (depth of field:1.1), 1 girl, (wavy hair:1.2), (solo:1.1), (looking at viewer:1.2), (smile:1.35), (wedding dress:1.4), (mountainous horizon:1.5),selfie

Inpainting Prompt: masterpiece, best quality, highres, (photorealistic:1.4), young, student, cute, selfie, (black woman:1.1)

  1. Improved scheduler for cluster to balance wait time between queues.

  2. Improved the user experience of the captcha.

Thank you for using our AI Generator. Stay tuned for more updates!